Notes from HS Accountability

1. Notes for HS Accountability (below)

2. Tech committee is aware of issues regarding: installation of software rights on your laptops. It’s on the “fixit” list. We talked about availability of TI-84 calculators for students to use (especially for standardized tests, since they can’t use phones, etc. for those). We are aware that licenses need to be updated or added for crucial software apps.

HS Accountability Committee

HS Accountability Committee

ADDED NOTE FROM KEN: All teachers should have administrative rights to their own computers. If not, that is an oversight and can be easily remedied. If they are talking about student computers, they do NOT have administrative rights (by design), but they can put in a work order for whatever those needs are. The only needs I am aware of are Sketchpad on the MS MacBook cart (scheduled for the next two days), and some software that Derek purchased on his own. Please let me know if there are others (or direct folks to the Technology Issue Form).

2. Ken and committee are aware of the internet issues. Ken spent much of the day yesterday trying to get us up and running consistently. It’s a huge problem for anyone whose work depends upon internet— including Admin Assistants, Library, College Counseling— and we know that it affects student projects as well.

a. When our new upgrade is finished , we will have redundant systems with Eagle Net, Century Link, and Time Warner. While they don’t provide the same amount of bandwidth, it’s the best backup we can have.


ADDITIONAL NOTE FROM KEN: The internet will become more redundant. As it is, our uptime is as good as it gets in Telluride andwe’ll soon be #1. Still, a Plan B is always a good idea.

3. Tech purchases have been taken from general fund and/or capital reserve for the past few years since the economy went south. With the levy, we have the funds to have a recurring tech budget that will help us support district goals for kids.

4. An issue expressed was that teachers do not have a voice in the purchases. A disturbing fact is that the message was echoed by a parent/community member, who said s/he had heard this from a teacher.

a. The tech committee is formed of teachers responsible for technology from every building, and administrators are always invited. Any and all input to Kyle, Ken, Mike, Tava, Chery, James, Heather or Chris E is always brought to the table and discussed.

b. I will add this, not discussed at accountability, but important. If teachers feel they have urgent issues that are not being addressed, please let any of tech committee and admins know so that we can fix the problem, instead of turning it into a community-wide issue. In that vein, teachers need to be aware that there is a priority list, determined by using the TSD Technology Issue form online at (You have to log in to the District page before you see the FORMS button).

5. “Shovel Ready” PURCHASES planned from mill levy: every upcoming purchase is based first and foremost on District Goals for student success. Most of these, we’ve known the need for some time, but haven’t been able to afford them. At this time, the most needed purchases are first on the list:

a. TES laptop cart ($28k) and two “Neo” carts for third grade keyboarding and writing program( about $ 7k each)

b. One TIS netbook cart (about $10k)

c. Sound field amplifiers in all classroom: This is required by IEP for some students, and research has shown that other students benefit from these systems; the teacher can speak in normal voice, but even when workingwith back turned, all students can hear instructions, etc. Training will be provided. Laura Ianacone is using one now, if you’d like to see one in action. You don’t have to try to talk over a class of students any longer.

d. IT support person to help Ken get to all this stuff: about $50 k for a 12 month position. This is the going rate for technology specialists. (admins/ Ken/ Tech Committee will create job description and interview candidates)

ADDITIONAL NOTE FROM KEN: This is just a comment – all of the proposed new purchases can be tied directly to teacher requests. We actually are listening.

6. Document cameras in each classroom: You don’t have to have a document camera if you don’t want one. Training will be require in order to receive one. I will attach a document of ideas for using document cameras in the classroom.

7. Lack of training and support for MHS teachers was much discussed, especially for using the mimeo devices and software. It was mentionedthat our staff includes James Taschek, a mimeo expert and trainer for the mimeo company, and have never enlisted him to teach teachers to use the mimeo.

8. Mike added that on our January collaboration day, each school willhave a session with two tech coaches from Lake Forest, to give teachers a clear idea of how tech integration coaches work within the schools. Alex asked if in-house teachers would be able to apply / interview for the tech coach position. YES.

Notes by Tava Smathers

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Notes from Technology Committee

Tech Committee Mtg, 1/22/13

1:1 Rollout

1:1 Rollout

Questions from the Committee:

What kind of tech will we get? Who gets what?

What will coaches’ job description be?

What will long-term staff development plans look like?

How does this affect current staffing/tech courses?

How will this experience change the learning experience for kids and teachers?

How will this look different in primary vs. secondary?

How will we educate the community about changes?

How will we manage the devices?

What is the primary purpose of the devices?

How will we assess success?

Will tech implementation be part of teacher effectiveness?

How will we put teachers at ease? And parents?

What are the student technology needs?

What about students who can bring their own devices? Versus those who can’t?

What about home access?

Will having one-to-one access change class size?

Do we allow students to take home?

How do we develop in-class troubleshooting?


Specialists showed a video of how their school looked in first year. They used netbooks. They shared information on Gaggle. Some of the teachers eagerly pioneered. Some teachers did not use and still do not. They have now implemented Google Aps and Edmodo.

Netbooks not doing the job. MacBooks not ideal price-wise. Google-Chrome may be the way to go.

Kyle said every 4th grade class gets the new piece of technology and it travels with them up the grades. They need to own it and they’ll take better care of it.

Each student gets $50 repair fee and anything else they’re responsible for paying for it. There should be budgeted a few “loaners” in case a computer needs to get repaired.


Their goal was to:

We want students to have reliable, stable, anytime, anywhere access to the Internet to support their learning in the following ways:

And they had a long list…

The main goal is for educational purposes. They are not to game on them. Although students are allowed to take them home, most students do not because they would prefer to go home and use their MacBooks.

They piloted with the program with 4, 5th grade classes. In year two, they transferred to all 5th and 6th grade. In the 3rd year, they launched it for the entire 7th and 8th grade.

They shared their tech facilitator’s responsibilities. They will lead teach, co-teach, or be your wingman.

I added that it would be nice to also offer divide and conquer… allowing a teacher to take a group and the tech facilitator to take another group to have smaller groups.

A tech coach also needs to be available to fix things. Clarify the difference between instructional and technical needs.

The tech coach needs to be a liaison between Ken and teachers.

We divided into 2 groups…

One Group:

Let’s Build the Job Description for 4 -6

Let’s Build the Job Description for 7 – 12

And at the bottom, what about K – 3


Purpose of Tech Coach:

1. Promote and support district goals related to technology and 21st century learning.

2. Empower teachers and students’ growth and development in use of a variety of technology tools to support student achievement.

3. Provides professional development for teachers.

4. Facilitate, teach, and be part of dynamic instructional teams.

Skills Necessary for Tech Coach:

1. Certified teacher who demonstrates a strong understanding of pedagogy and best practices.

2. Advanced degree/experience in instructional technology preferred.

3. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to work with individuals with a wide range of technological expertise.

4. Works with teachers to collaborate on curriculum projects.

5. Desire to maintain current expertise in this rapidly evolving field and share it.

6. Ability to effectively communicate and interact with a variety of audiences.

7. Collaboratively design, create and deliver innovative instructional materials and programs on the use of technology to enrich teaching and enhance student achievement.

8. Provides just in time training to teachers to support their goals.

9. Knowledge of and proficiency in applications and web-based tools including document creation, blogs, social networking, multi-media, web-publishing, and all applications that can be used to show student work.

10. Demonstrated ability to manage a complex workload, prioritize tasks, and use good judgment in providing services based on goals.

11. Clear that the coach is not the evaluator of the teacher.

Second Group: how do we explain to community/teachers

– Kyle will send out email to staff on January 25th

– We will address in staff meetings

– February 5th – We-R1

– Feb. 8th – newspaper

– Feb. 15th – blurb to community

– KOTO talks

– March 11th – parent coffee

– March 25th – Collaboration Day, bring 4 – 8 together?

– April – we will know the what? What technology?

– May – How will this look?

What do we want kids to do?

– engaged and responsible for own learning

– projects for a variety of audiences

– communicating/interacting globally

– global feedback

– research skills (analyzing sources)

– notetaking

– writing skills/typing

– photo manipulating

– editing skills/proper citation

– citizenship

– collaboration

– producing knowledge (artifacts of)

– time management tools

– online classes

– online assessment: MAP now, PARCC later

– social networking skills

– online resources (e-books)

– annotate online (Discovery Ed/online books)

– student portfolios

– knowing tools to support like spell check

– finding data and using tools to analyze it (Excel, Wolfram Alpha, graphing programs)

– stream videos

– create movies

– create presentations

– Skype or Google Talk

– Ability to screen share

– Edit peers’ work (collaborative environment for student work)

– Kids manage files (student empowerment)

– 24/7 access to information

– Back up work

– Access to grades/schedules

– Home-school/student communication

– Keeping current information

– Ability to capture sound and images, a keyboard, headphones

– Website needs to be student centered

– Consistency in tools/apps/software

– Social bookmarking

– Storage bins and charging stations

– Draw pictures, flow charts, equations


Options of Technology:

1. Netbooks – 4 G

2. Chromebooks – subscription? – the operating system is the website, so no applications

3. Other PCs

4. MacBook Air

5. MacBook Pro – better because cost is not much more than Air, would need a full-time person to maintain though

6. iPad/Tablet – filter issue, may not be able to go home, but could actually be vender specific

7. Leasing option? – 3-year lease with Apple, would be issue with board because they can’t contract something past a fiscal year


*** Project room could still be present so that multimedia projects are still possible. Then you ask whether there is a tech teacher or not and how their position changes.

Roll-out Task List:

Device – Team, Chris leads – March 21

Storage Bins/Shelves – Patricia – May 1

Carrying bags – Patricia

Luggage tags/labeling – Patricia

Battery and classroom surge protector strips – Ken/Chris

Headphones – parents – Chery chooses

Recordable headphone mics – Chery

Check-out procedures – Tava, librarians

Wireless Hub installed in each room – Ken – August 1


List of programs and printers for imaging – Ken/Chris/Jen – June 1

School Pick for LMS – Tava – April 1

Confirmation of Student Log-Ins – Chris, Chery, Tava – April 1


Subscriptions and Apps – Chad and Mike ask IMAP leaders what grade levels are using


Continued, but I had to leave….



Notes by Courtney Childe

Notes from BOE work session, Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When I arrived, discussion on lockdown drills and possible changes to make our buildings more secure was coming to a close. Rick Silverman suggested that the board explore sending a letter to our congressmen in support of stronger gun control.

TSD Board of Education

TSD Board of Education

Spending is higher this year due to three major expenses: increase in teacher salary due to step increase, an increase in paraprofessional positions within the district, and the repurchase of an employee housing unit. The number of students buying lunch is down. The administration is looking to have students give input on the lunch menu and hopes that this will help increase sales. A new double oven was also recently purchased for the kitchen. Ticket sales are down at the Palm for presold tickets. The Palm also lost two bookings this year over last year.

There is an interest in changing the ‘antiquated’ financial software system used by the district. Three companies have responded with samples of new systems. Most other systems are web based. This would increase costs and fees, and brings up the question of consistent web availability. These new systems, however, would also increase efficiency as well make reports easier to create. Positives and negatives to a new system are being investigated.

Last week, the administration went to a ‘train the trainer’ workshop about SB191. All principals have submitted a plan stating how they will unfold the standards to help teachers visualize examples of each indicator. Teachers and administrators on the 1338 committee were invited to Durango for an all day workshop about SB191. Approximately 10 teachers, Kyle, and Chad attended this workshop. The workshop discussed 21st century skills, jobs of the future, how we can prepare students for the future in our classrooms, the new Common Core/Colorado Academic Standards, and SB191.

Discussion has transpired about the THS grading scale. Though there was not complete consensus among those participating in this discussion, next year the new grading scale will be applied to all high school transcripts. The new grading is not retroactive; students graded using the current scale will not have their transcripts from past years changed to reflect the new scale.

The board is planning two retreats, one within the month and another for later in the school year.

Three TVs have been purchased for the Palm lobby, high school cafeteria, and high school lobby. The board has a goal to help get more student activities and work published, and hopes that these screens will help facilitate this goal. Heather Rosen’s technology classes will help to keep posted material updated, therefore turning over administration of this publication venue sto students. The Palm and the Boosters would also like to have access to TV use. A unit is being considered for TES, but this decision will wait until the success of the other units can be determined.

Banks Brown has resigned as school board president. Paul Reich was sworn in as president. Cheryl Miller was sworn in as secretary/treasurer (this was Paul’s previous post). Mark Westman will continue as vice president.


Michele Foote

Senate Bill-191 Conference Notes

Teacher Evaluation

TEA members are making an effort to share our meeting notes with colleagues. I am on the TIS Accountability Team as well as the District Accountability Team (1138 Committee). I will try to inform you of what is happening in these meetings via email.

Here is a general overview of yesterday’s conference about Senate Bill-191 that the District Accountability Team attended in Durango. As the only TIS teacher rep, I wanted to give you a basic run-down. I can explain more at our faculty meeting on Thursday. Cheers-Faith

Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation

Changes in Teacher Evaluation & Testing

· Next year is the last year for TCAPS! The PARCC assessment will be implemented in spring 2015 and will be a computerized assessment that covers L.A. and Math Common Core State Standards. The assessment may even including speaking and listening. This test, unlike the TCAP, will also be used for collegeplacement. Test items will assess application of knowledge and be interdisciplinary in nature. Folks are still working on the assessment and more information is to come. Check out the website:

· New Social Studies and Science Test: Students will be tested starting in 2014 in Social Studies (4th grade) and Science (5th grade).

· SB-191: New Teacher Effectiveness Evaluations

50% OF EVALUATION WILL BE BASED ON A TEACHER RUBRIC: Starting next year, all teachers will be evaluated based on a new state-wide rubric. There are 5 elements on the rubric: Know Content, Establish Environment, Facilitate Learning, Reflect on Practice and Demonstrate Leadership. The District Accountability Team, aka the 1338 Committee, will be assigning weights to each of these elements. As a TIS staff, we will spend time reviewing each of these elements at faculty meetings. I will collect your feedback and present it to the committee. I also have copies of the rubric if you would like to see it before we review as a staff.

50% OF EVALUATION WILL BE BASED ON DATA/STUDENT GROWTH: Starting next year, all teachers will be evaluated based on student performance/growth on summative assessments. The District Accountability Team, aka the 1338 Committee, will brainstorm and then approve a list of assessments that we will use. For example, 4th grade might use TCAP, MAP scores and DRAscores to determine student growth. As a TIS staff, we will spend time brainstorming assessments during faculty meetings. I will collect your feedback and present it to the committee.

NOTE: Next year will be a pilot (for a lack of a better word) year for this teacher evaluation. It will not count against you in any way. Our administrators, the District Accountability Team, TEA and even the state may decide to make or request changes to either the rubric, the weight of elements within the rubric, and the assessments used to determine student growth. It will be a trail year!

· COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS/NEW COLORADO STANDARDS: We are already doing this, however, I must note that full implementation of the CCSS/CO State Standards will occur next year.

To see a timeline of these changes and more information visit the CDE website:


Notes taken and shared by Faith Horton

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WeR1 Meeting Notes

Telluride Education Foundation

1. Call to Order 3:35

Attending: Lynne Humphrey, Tiffany Osborne, Virginia Lucarelli, Cecily Hughes, Shawn Pine, Paul Reich, Kathy Jepsen, Mary Page, Lynn Jansen, Annmarie Jodlowski, Beth Barr

School Representatives: Kyle Schumacher, Leah Lauritzen, Chad Terry, Mike Conran, Jen Taylor, Courtney Childe

Guests: Jenna Hagen, Ali Gomez, Jessica Flammang

Absent: Tree Cooper, Heidi Koenig, Jan DeLuca, Trish Greenwood

2. Motion to Approve December minutes Mary Page

Second Tiffany Osborne

Motion Carried


3. Upcoming Events


Dr Chris Crockett Thurs, Jan 17-18 Fri 6:00-7:30. Meeting at Lift 7 on Thursday – geared to younger kids. Meeting Friday 6:00-7:30 Mary Page’s house. Possible coffee/hot chocolate fundraiser. Leah Lauritzen suggested the Breast Cancer Awareness club. Goal is community outreach, paying astronomer $250 and providing housing. Pinhead also paying $250. Decision made to not charge for attending.


Volunteer for TES found, still need volunteers for TIS/THS. If no volunteers can be found, may not be able to put on a bookfair in those schools. Jen Taylor to ask TES teachers email parents requesting volunteers at next staff meeting.

4. Grant Requests

Jenna Hagan – $960

Trip to Denver for Cherry Creek Diversity Conference, Feb 2, 10 students. College visits planned in conjunction with the conference. UC Denver, Metro State. Money from Latino initiative used for Transportation and food, students to pay for conference fee. The goal is for students to come back and contribute to a school diversity-tolerance initiative in the works.

Motion to Approve $300 Lynn Jansen

Second Mary Page

Motion Carried

Spanish Jessica Flammang – $1315.32

Materials/Maps to teach geography, floor sized interactive maps. Books for Spanish Curriculum, literature in English and Spanish for both heritage speakers and second language learners, comprehensive grammar texts in English and Spanish. Materials will be used to improve the literacy base of the native spanish speakers and address the relationship between grammar, literacy and writing.

Motion to Approve $1315.32 Lynn Jansen

Second Annmarie Jodlowski

Motion Carried

Spanish Ali Gomez – $720 Program allows the instructor to individualize and chunk lessons. Contains a cultural tie-in to the language lessons. Consistent with future curriculum adoption. Builds technology skills. Program would be used for grades 7-12.

Motion to Approve $720 Cecily Hughes

Second Annmarie Jodlowski

Motion Carried

5. Kyle reported on 3A money budgeted for current school year.

Neo’s for 3rd grade to be used for math facts practice, keyboarding practice, classroom responses to teacher questions, skill evaluation.

Sound systems for all classrooms.

IPad document camera’s and smartboard managers.

Taking over ELL program from OneTelluride.

Hiring support for Ken Olsen.

Some earmarked for capital reserve, roof repairs, etc.

Summer curriculum work, teacher academy, professional development.

School improvement network – support required for SB-191.

Money put aside for mentoring coordinator.

Transportation money for experiential trips.

Macbook cart at the elementary school. Additional macbook cart at TIS.

Total money spent estimated at $713,000 through June 30.

6. Telluride Foundation Grant

Awarded $10K less than projected, $6000 less for our school year due to the passage of 3A. Discussion on how the board should move forward, providing Telluride Foundation on how TEF aligns on professional development. Perhaps WeR1 takes ownership/underwriting of bigger trips like Mesa Verde for better community understanding. Cecily proposed an interim meeting to discuss WeR1 mission and philosophy. Jan 28 3:15 Library Telluride Room.

7. Booster Update

  • Homecoming Games Friday and Saturday night, selling apparel.

8. Financials Update, PR Underwriting and Arts Update agenda items postponed to a future meeting.

9. Meeting Adjourned 5:30

Notes by Courtney Childe