GT Committee Meeting

G/T Meeting 2/21/13


In Attendance: Chris Earthtree, Chad Terry, Guy Gladden, Brittany Clarke, Chery Bradley, Janis Prettitore, Kyle Schumacher


Have placement decisions for enrichment math and LA for all students currently enrolled completed by May 24th.


Preliminary MAP testing dates May 6 through May 17. These dates will be run by the administration.


NNAT 2 use to screen the whole third grade. The week of April 29th. Guy will collect the paperwork, send to Kyle to order. All Enrichment teachers send your numbers of ALP students with grade levels to Guy by February 26th. Chery will discuss with 3rd grade and with Trish. This is a nonverbal test that will be one step to ensure that we are meeting the state guidelines for participation in the Enrichment program. We should have 19% of our minority population involved in the enrichment program according to guidelines from the state.


Conversation on Programing for Enrichment. What should 4-6 look like? Should there be an increase in time for students in Math and LA 4-8? How do we create an appropriate math program for students 4-8 that does not just accelerate students into Algebra by 6th grade. This may be appropriate for some students but does put them in a tough position in HS.


Should we give an end of year test at each grade level to utilize as a placement test or an indicator for gaps in learning? We will continue to do this for the enrichment students in 3rd grade.


With a common Google Log in, Kahn Academy Data could be maintained from 3rd grade on.


We reviewed the Rubric

Chery will update the 3rd grade rubric by March 15th.


Respectfully submitted by Kyle Schumacher


Board Work Sessions

Board Work Session Notes 2-12-13


Call to order


Kurt reported on accounting software. Allele vs. SDS Both web server based (can be hosted, but it’s another 3800 a year).


Other districts are using SDS and Kurt has visited Alamosa and one other to see it in action. SDS will replace the HR system as well. Costs more initially (17,500 for software and training, this is fixed) but maintenance is 3200 a year (cheaper than Allele).


The entire first purchase will be 23-25 grand with SDS if we have to buy hardware.


We currently pay 2800/yr. for maintenance of Data Team (current subscription for district accounting), so after initial purchase this would be an increase of $400 a year to upgrade from a 1990’s system to something more 2010’s and incorporate an HR system. It would cost more than the $400 to purchase a separate HR program, so it is a savings in the long run.


Why buy it now? The district doesn’t want to wait because of the old school maintenance of hard copies, separate spreadsheets, outdated programs that they currently use if very old, time consuming and difficult to work with. Conversion to a new system will take time, but it will simplify the entire accounting and HR systems once up and running.


This will make things open and easier for budgets/spreadsheets; make Kurt and Nancy’s jobs easier, more streamlined, and updated.


This new software would be a capital budget expense, and a budget adjustment request will need to be made if it is purchased.


Katie of Telluride TV reports on building a media center space and making their space next to Heather Rosen’s room (lab 234). This would be a lease-maybe multi year. Their current office would turn into the cultural liaisons office (cultural liaison is separate from the ombudsman from what I could gather). The idea would be to make a green screen wall and have an open space with curtain dividers. Hypothetically students would be taking classes in editing and graphics and make shoots and productions from start to finish. They would like to build a student intern program so that students can use computers, editing software, post things on the website, etc. They want to create programs for students and make the space available to classrooms so teachers could bring classes in to create video projects. Student news class options could be built in and are a possibility. Changes in infrastructure (purchase of curtains, building the green screen, etc.) would be paid for by Telluride TV-not the school.


Yes this would be taking up classroom space, but according to Kyle the student numbers won’t be in dire need for classrooms for the next year or two. Kyle supports the “bull-pen” structure of our building that is set up to utilize classrooms 7 periods a day with teachers sharing offices in the future. This wouldn’t happen for a few years, but it is the idea that we would envision moving towards.


Katie will be meeting with her board tonight and meeting at the school tomorrow again with Kurt, Kyle, and more (didn’t get everyone’s name), and hopefully by March this proposal will be introduced in full to the board.


NO strangers from Telluride TV will be walking through the school! So an external door may be necessary to build in for their studio space.


Kurt begins budget and revenue overview for the board:

• Latest and greatest from the state is that the Governor is proposing an increase of 1.7%. This may look like 164,808 but the number will be in flux until May.

• Debt is paid off! Bonds are paid off!

• Total revenue increase

• Kurt created a spreadsheet that will keep track of how override will be spent each year. Permanent every year is 800,000 a year. Some things will continue to happen every year. The continuing education line item is the $400 per year per staff member (26,000)

• 2 new tech coaches will be added.

• After everything that is already on the table, there is $290,294 left to spend.

• This is not a completely final budget spreadsheet, things may/will change.


Cheryl Miller brings up sexual harassment wording. The governor is looking at new curriculum for the state on sex education (this part seemed to happen quick and be over—not sure what it was in reference/regards to and then we moved on).


New Internet service is connected and tested and performance is what we want to contract for. Mounting issues on the ski hill have created problems this past week. One day Eagle net went down unexpectedly and we switched right over to century link seamlessly. This double system will create redundancy and fail safe, as one may stop working the next will take over. We want redundancy. It makes sense to have 2 connections and they are also coming in from two different paths so that means that we will be able to work form either net. If one pathway goes down, the Internet may work more slowly but it will work no matter what. We will never be without Internet. Our pricing has come in from eagle net and is balanced out across the state. We will pay the same rate that we would if we ere in Denver. This will mean that we will pay half the price of century link. We will drop our old Time warner 7 mg connection, it won’t be needed it anymore (2 is enough).


Follow up on the board retreat last Thursday down in the wine mine. Looked at board goals, not district goals but board goals that are specific for the board. They didn’t come up with anything collectively, Paul took information from the boards self-evaluation discussion and created a draft form that he will send to all board members and they will continue drafting. A survey will go out to the community from the board, they need a broader perspective of what the board will see to aggregate data. On the 21st or 26th of February when law enforcement comes to discuss with them they will retouch on this. The board discussed the district goals and will talk about this more at the regular meeting. The goal is to have more administration and perhaps teachers come to these board meetings/retreats to speak up on things that are relevant to education like STEM, etc. This is to directly inform the board on educational decisions from the teacher/admin perspective. There is another retreat scheduled for May 1st and admin will be there for at least half of that 8:30-12:30.


TSRC (summer scientists at TES): screening, municipal code, drinking on school campus no clear/current policy. The board needs to give direction on how this should be handled. We need some vocabulary on discretion. Make it discreet? They will bring a plan to the board before they get a town liquor license. The board will take a look at their plans before they sign off on the contract. (This was in regards to the fact that TSRC rents district buildings and has at least one social event involving liquor on school grounds at TES.)


CEA Minutes and Notes


2013 CEA BILL SUMMARY Jan 30 2013


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School Finance Rewrite Continues

As you may have seen in the Denver Post this weekend (, the work on rewriting the school finance act continues to progress. A draft of the bill by Sen. Michael Johnston (D-Denver) has not been released, but the Denver Post article does a very good job in summarizing the ideas and issues. A significant player in the negotiations continues to be the School Finance Partnership, of which CEA is on the steering committee represented by Tony Salazar.


Much of the debate focuses on how to address the inequity and inadequacy in the current finance formula due to the introduction of the negative factor while also aligning the formula to support the recent education reforms passed. This includes changing how and when students are counted and rebalancing state and local share to provide greater support for those district who have a limited local tax base to support education. The goal is that every school district realizes more money for their budgets. It is a very challenging balancing act and one CEA is heavily focused on.


We do not expect to see an introduced bill for a few more weeks (a different deadline than noted in the DP article), and a bill draft has not been circulated.


The workings of the current school finance formula are complex. But, if you would like to learn more, read this:

If you want more information on the School Finance Partnership, go here:


CEA Lobby Days

Many of you asked us to identify specific days for locals/units to bring their liaisons to the capitol. Here they are:


• Wednesday February 13, 8 am


• Wednesday February 20, 8 am


• Monday March 25, 8:30 am


• Thursday April 25, 8 am

Please let Penny know when your local/unit will participate – We will start each lobby day with a training and update before heading to the capitol. It is critical that legislators meet and get to know from teachers and ESP from their districts. Please send us the names of your liaisons and set up a lobby day.

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Education News Colorado, which CEA is a sponsor, publishes a bill tracker as well. Please note, the summary is the official legislative summary, which is not updated as amendments are added to the bill:

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