Board Work Sessions

Work session:

I got there a little late, as it is difficult to make it to the other school by 3:15.

They were talking about the calendar for 2013-2014.


Education calendar meetings: They picked dates for board meetings and retreats prior to the meeting. They are subject to change.


There has been an agreement between TCTV and TSD. They are getting some space at the high school. Their contract discusses which space and the use of space. There is a five year lease then additional years may be added. There is a 90 day cancellation. They talked about which services TCTV will provide. They will add a minimal number of hours of service. They should talk about services before the school year begins. There will be a non-compliance clause.



Mike spoke about teacher effectiveness and principal effectiveness rubrics. We are looking at each goal and trying to “operationalize” what it will look like with teachers, students, and principals.

50 percent of teacher effectiveness will be measured by the quality standards.

50 percent of teacher effectiveness will be measured by student achievement.

We have to decide how the quality standards will be weighted.

We have to decide how the assessments will be weighted

It is recommended that we speak with Durango or other districts that have done lots of work with this to save some time as to not reinvent the proverbial wheel.

Next year is a harmless year. We can tweak it as we go along to make it appropriate.

The principals are having a difficult time with determining how they are going to get the observations done as it takes so much time!

We will build this! We will get the requirements to CDE, but we will learn from the districts that have piloted this and we will get it to work.

We will hold true to the intent of the law, but not the letter of the law. The intent is for teacher effectiveness.


Board meeting:

Paul called the meeting to session.

Roll call

Motion to approve agenda

Approval for work session minutes

Guest speaker: Paul Major

Early childhood development and health are great places to get a return.

School is critical for implementation of services.

Issues around early childhood: best investment=best return

Kids that start behind stay behind.

They want to help kids early.

They want to nudge us along to implement assessment. TS Gold/CAP4K

Assessments will start at pre k and will follow kids to 2 nd grade.

Provide oral health in schools–skippy program.

Figure out how to partner better with schools.

Get families identified that do not have health insurance and can get health insurance.

The school board confirmed that they want the school to be more in the community.

Trish: TECC has been hurting financially and not enough kids. Trish will share data at next school board meeting.


Kiara Hamblin: shared school events

Mark Westman:

-TEA negotiations day one was productive. It was focused on language. He liked being involved and found it valuable. Next day will talk about numbers.

-High school accountability there is much interest in how to deal with the ACT and get kids into good colleges. Get kids to take the tests earlier.

-Foundations for best practices: The Palm arts board is acting as a real nonprofit. We should. Move forward to have more of a board structure. It could improve fundraising, evaluation, etc.

-Elementary school board linkage: informal discussion and a dozen teachers came. It was productive. Next year they will look at going to each building twice a year. They will get a calendar set up.


Banks didn’t have anything to report.


Cheryl: unboces has hired an executive leader.

SB 213 Hold Harmless. I didn’t understand everything she was saying, but it doesn’t seem good as far as us getting monies from the state.

Backpack funding.

SB 15 was the brainchild of this board. Could a school board member vote electronically? It passed and was signed.

Strength based leadership: a book that could be a useful tool for the school board to read through together.

Reviewed the budged with Kurt.


Paul: He wanted to recognize people on committees and to thank everyone that was on committees to help reach our district goals.


Chad: Let’s finish school year strong.

Updates at looking at board goals: grade level teams are looking at PBLs.

4th grade watershed and basic aid training.

5th Revolutionary War

6th Renewable Energy

Objective 1c Globally Fluent 6th graders currently attend Spanish two times a week. They are looking at increasing the time for next year. Looking at staffing for that.

Increase a full section and interviews will be next week.

They are reviewing how they use specialists.

Goal 2d Gifted and Talented: identify gifted students

They have created a rubric and it has to do with teacher observations and assessments. It is beginning now so students and parents will know where they will be in the fall.

Goal 3 Technology: move to one to one device. Looking at cost analysis for various devices.

Tech coaches: Christopher Earthtree has accepted this position for TIS

James Tasheck has accepted the tech coach for middle school.

Abby will move to middle school room for next year.


The board approved district calendar


Arm is healing. ☺

Bully will be viewed at the palm next Wednesday free at 6. There will be a follow up Q&A on May 15 at the THS library.

They will be talking more about district goals and budget at board retreat.

Retreat May 3



by Robbin Cooper