GFC Meeting Notes 9-30-13


GFC Meeting Notes 9-30-13


Meeting #4

In attendance

Citlali C, Jen T, Ann K, Missy T, Sara L, Jenna H, Joanna M, Colleen M, Mike C, Paul R, Alli G


Global Fluency

Update on the Bilingual Preschool program that started this fall, 2013.

  • Going well!  Spanish speaking kids are much more vocal at earlier stage

  • Set-up: There are 2 classrooms – 1 bilingual (full day AM & PM) and 1 English speaking (PM only).  Kids who are full day spend the AM in bilingual program and then switch over to English program for the afternoon.

  • Existing personnel hours were decreased due to no Friday preschool offering.

  • AM bilingual program is 80% spanish speaking, PM bilingual program is 20% spanish speaking.

  • Students are multilingual – 4 languages in the classroom

  • Both English and Spanish speaking parents/families are supportive

  • English speaking parents are showing interest & coming from other communities

  • SpEd kids are focusing only in English, even in bilingual setting

  • Next year’s Kinder class may be another group of 60 or so.  Then the next 2 years, the #s will drop.


Site visits:

  • Pre-school staff members are going to:

La Cosecha Dual Language on New Mexico Conference – November 6-9, 2013 in Albuquerque

  • Basalt Elementary School – Site visit is being planned for 1st week of November for TES staff

  • ESL staff may go to visit Boulder Valley School District while in Denver for the TESOL conference.

  • Utah, around Salt Lake, has many successful programs & schools we could visit as well.


Other issues discussed:

  • One way Immersion vs dual language immersion

  • Ideally we want 50/50 Spanish speaking and English speaking for dual immersion A dual language program needs at least ⅓ of the classroom to be Spanish speaking.  Thus our district is looking at a blend of dual and one way immersion.  We don’t quite have ⅓.

  • Creative solutions to staffing changes: team teaching, scheduling ex. a bilingual teacher who shares 2 classes with monolingual teacher, blended grade classes, we could hire a para that is bilingual to assist a teacher, etc.  

  • Hiring staff w/o CO teaching licenses – UNBOCES has a 2 year alternative licensing program that could help people with a bachelors degree earn a teaching license; this person would need to already be hired by the district.

  • Upcoming PD for Bilingual Education:

CABE -Colorado Association for Bilingual Education – October 2&3  

La Cosecha Dual Language on New Mexico Conference – November 6-9, 2013 in Albuquerque

*NABE* – National Association for Bilingual Education in San Diego February 13-14

New Mexico Association of Bilingual Education NMABE – April 24-27, 2013

Interested in other states?  check this out:



  • By January, we should have a K-12 plan, so it could be implemented in the fall of 2014-15.  We should plan for no more than 2 Kinder sections in an immersion program. Staffing component will be needed by March.