2. Tech committee is aware of issues regarding: installation of software rights on your laptops. It’s on the “fixit” list. We talked about availability of TI-84 calculators for students to use (especially for standardized tests, since they can’t use phones, etc. for those). We are aware that licenses need to be updated or added for crucial software apps.

ADDED NOTE FROM KEN: All teachers should have administrative rights to their own computers. If not, that is an oversight and can be easily remedied. If they are talking about student computers, they do NOT have administrative rights (by design), but they can put in a work order for whatever those needs are. The only needs I am aware of are Sketchpad on the MS MacBook cart (scheduled for the next two days), and some software that Derek purchased on his own. Please let me know if there are others (or direct folks to the Technology Issue Form).


2. Ken and committee are aware of the internet issues. Ken spent much of the day yesterday trying to get us up and running consistently. It’s a huge problem for anyone whose work depends upon internet— including Admin Assistants, Library, College Counseling— and we know that it affects student projects as well.

a. When our new upgrade is finished , we will have redundant systems with Eagle Net, Century Link, and Time Warner. While they don’t provide the same amount of bandwidth, it’s the best backup we can have.


ADDITIONAL NOTE FROM KEN: The internet will become more redundant. As it is, our uptime is as good as it gets in Telluride andwe’ll soon be #1. Still, a Plan B is always a good idea.


3. Tech purchases have been taken from general fund and/or capital reserve for the past few years since the economy went south. With the levy, we have the funds to have a recurring tech budget that will help us support district goals for kids.


4. An issue expressed was that teachers do not have a voice in the purchases. A disturbing fact is that the message was echoed by a parent/community member, who said s/he had heard this from a teacher.

a. The tech committee is formed of teachers responsible for technology from every building, and administrators are always invited. Any and all input to Kyle, Ken, Mike, Tava, Chery, James, Heather or Chris E is always brought to the table and discussed.

b. I will add this, not discussed at accountability, but important. If teachers feel they have urgent issues that are not being addressed, please let any of tech committee and admins know so that we can fix the problem, instead of turning it into a community-wide issue. In that vein, teachers need to be aware that there is a priority list, determined by using the TSD Technology Issue form online at (You have to log in to the District page before you see the FORMS button).



5. “Shovel Ready” PURCHASES planned from mill levy: every upcoming purchase is based first and foremost on District Goals for student success. Most of these, we’ve known the need for some time, but haven’t been able to afford them. At this time, the most needed purchases are first on the list:

a. TES laptop cart ($28k) and two “Neo” carts for third grade keyboarding and writing program( about $ 7k each)

b. One TIS netbook cart (about $10k)

c. Sound field amplifiers in all classroom: This is required by IEP for some students, and research has shown that other students benefit from these systems; the teacher can speak in normal voice, but even when workingwith back turned, all students can hear instructions, etc. Training will be provided. Laura Ianacone is using one now, if you’d like to see one in action. You don’t have to try to talk over a class of students any longer.

d. IT support person to help Ken get to all this stuff: about $50 k for a 12 month position. This is the going rate for technology specialists. (admins/ Ken/ Tech Committee will create job description and interview candidates)

ADDITIONAL NOTE FROM KEN: This is just a comment – all of the proposed new purchases can be tied directly to teacher requests. We actually are listening.


6. Document cameras in each classroom: You don’t have to have a document camera if you don’t want one. Training will be require in order to receive one. I will attach a document of ideas for using document cameras in the classroom.


7. Lack of training and support for MHS teachers was much discussed, especially for using the mimeo devices and software. It was mentionedthat our staff includes James Taschek, a mimeo expert and trainer for the mimeo company, and have never enlisted him to teach teachers to use the mimeo.


8. Mike added that on our January collaboration day, each school willhave a session with two tech coaches from Lake Forest, to give teachers a clear idea of how tech integration coaches work within the schools. Alex asked if in-house teachers would be able to apply / interview for the tech coach position. YES.