Board Meeting Notes

Notes on SCHOOL BOARD WORK SESSION: February 11, 14

Discussion Items

  1. Dr. Schumacher comments on the success of the High School Winter Formal
  2. Accountability Committee: Met with Global Fluency Committee-kudos to teachers who served on the committee
  3. M/H School Accountability-Banks Brown commends Mike Conran on Winter Formal
  4. Cheryl Miller-attended the Technology Committee
  5. Paul Reich-attended Calendar Committee meetings
  6. Rick Silverman- mentions that there will be orientation meetings for parents interested in the Global Fluency and how the lottery will work.

Orientation Meeting: March 11th 8:30 and 5:30pm in TES cafeteria

  1. Chad Terry presents TIS Literacy Instruction-
  • Content vs. Skills- How do we give students skill that they need?
  • Examine PBL system-teach skills through PBLs
  • Orton Gillingham training has helped struggling readers
  • Kathy King Dickman Workshop- TIS purchased “Making Meaning” program kits for teachers

H. Dr. Schumacher Goals Update:

Information for the Calendar for 2014-15.

  • Days off have been consolidated K-12 have the same days off.
  • Discussion about instituting an Early Release K-12 to provide an opportunity for teacher to have structured collaborative meetings.

Global Fluency-

  • Information on Orientation meeting, why Spanish is the first choice, lottery etc.

Literacy & Math-

  • Janis Heigel & Seth Berg-trainings
  • Bringing in Orton Gillingham training
  • Technology-TIS tech crew-kids helping teachers and peers

TSD 2027-An opportunity on March 7 & 12 for teachers & community members to look at what skills kids need to graduate

Goal: by end of May to set objectives and goals then develop an action plan

I. Paul Reich- approves the Budget discussion from last meeting

G. School Board- retreat March 13 and Work session March 18

H. Rick Silverman hope to refine process for Linkage meeting.


Notes thanks to Mary Alice Wagner