Board Work Session

Work Session:

Missy Toucher—speaking about TECC


Kurt Sugars—budget (currently there is a deficit of $235,000—it is a working budget)


Kyle Schumacher—Affordable housing (someone interested in buying a lot from the school…some decisions need to be made)


Ken Olson—allow businesses to access roof of elementary school for wi-fi and we get bandwidth


Board Session:

No vote on calendar 2015-16 calendar…will vote on 2014-15 calendar.


Janis Heigl—math trainer—gave an update on what she is doing with teachers.


Ursula Cristol—cultural liaison—would like to change title to family liaison.   Maintain open communication between school and families.


School board reports:

-Rick Silverman: went to elementary accountability mtg. Went to math night at the elementary school—awesome!

-Cheryl Miller: went to bilingual info mtg and CASB meeting in Denver.  There has been a concerted effort to let legislators know that we need funding restored. Went to 2027 mtg.

-Banks Brown: HS accountability mtg.  Students felt things were going well.  Discussion focused around testing scores.  Students, parents, and teachers should sit down together to discuss what the test scores really mean.

-Melissa Plantz: HS accountability mtg. Analyze data that students get from test scores. Went to 2027 mtg.

-Paul Reich: retreat—be future directed, 2014-15 budget, staff/board interaction, curriculum initiatives, physical plan of buildings, safety of schools, construction bond?


Kyle’s update: send out RFP to look at growth/facilities

Safety: what can we do to make our school safe?

Aging infrastructure: we need to maintain our buildings

Math committee: looking at curriculum—ready to make a step/recommendation


Approve Consent Agenda: approved

Action Items: approved

12B-Superintendent contract—extend to June 30, 2016—approved

12C-District calendar (2-14-15)—(not approving early release)—approved

12D-resolve to erasing negative factor—approved

12E-state generated policy—approved

~Thanks to Robbin for taking notes.