Many Thanks to Martina!

Martina Reeser does just about everything.  She is a carpenter, tailor, mom, bus driver, caregiver, foster parent and a friendly face.  She is now also the Telluride Education Association’s first Employee of the Month. martinaSeveral different colleagues nominated her anonymously because of her tireless efforts to keep the school operating in a smooth, safe and welcoming manner.  “I want to nominate Martina Reeser for always being willing to do the hard and thankless work to support our staff and buildings. She’s patient, cheerful, hard-working – always responding to our many-times unpleasant requests.”   As another colleague said, “It’s no surprise that she has also extended this helpful spirit to a couple of our students. Martina has a huge heart and lives her work and personal life “doing the right thing”!


Born in Austria and raised in Germany, Martina came to Telluride 16 years ago because of a man.  She met her husband, Eric, in St. Moritz, Switzerland, where he was working as a ski instructor.  Martina brought her professional carpentry and tailor skills to the region and put them to work designing costumes for the Repertory Theater and working as a finish carpenter.  She joined the Telluride School District almost four years ago. Reeser says the best part of her job is the kids. “100% of the kids are polite and respectful.  Well  . . . okay – 90%. They are challenging, but it is never boring.  But they make me laugh. It’s really a family, isn’t it?” Reeser explains.  “Everyone here at the School is so friendly, healthy and outgoing.  It is like the Town, where everyone says hello and really cares for each other.”


TSD students notice this same genuine nature in Reeser.  An intermediate school student recently described one of the more obvious aspects of Reeser’s job – cleaning up after everyone.  “She is always cleaning up after us in the cafeteria when someone spills. And she cleans the halls and makes the school look nice. Things would definitely not look good without her.” Another daily aspect of Martina’s job is transporting our students safely from home to school and back again on the bus. One kindergartener said, “Martina always takes care of us on the bus. She tells the little kids to sit up front so she can make sure we are safe!” Reeser is proud to have been nominated by her colleagues to be the first Employee of the Month for the Telluride Education Association (TEA).


TEA, the professional association of Telluride’s teaching community, decided to initiate this program as a way to acknowledge the hard work of all of the dedicated professionals working in our school district. The program is open to all employees of the District, regardless of membership in TEA, and is based on anonymous nominations.  Representing a majority of TSD teachers, TEA works closely with school administration to negotiate all teacher contracts, stay current with the ever-changing landscape of educational policy and legislation, and inform and implement school district initiatives.  TEA teachers are actively involved in committee work, research and professional development that takes place outside of the regular teaching day and school year. The Association’s mission statement is: Professional educators supporting students, staff and the Telluride community to ensure an equitable and sustainable education for all.

The Telluride Education Association invites community involvement and feedback.  If you have any questions about the Employee of the Month program, the Telluride R-1 School District or education in general, please contact the TEA Executive Team using “Comment” below.

Employee of the Month

Hello TSD Family,

The Telluride Education Association is extremely excited to announce the very first Employee of the Month—the outstanding Martina Reeser!!!!

martinaMartina received multiple entries in the TEA Employee of the Month Program for her hard work within our school district. Many employees received entries from their appreciative colleagues and those who had one or more nominations had one slip of paper with his/her name on it put into a hat. Then, the name was drawn at random. Those folks who were not chosen this month, will be kept in the drawing for the rest of the year as new entries are added as well.

Martina will receive a small token of appreciation from TEA and will be contacted for a few follow-up interview questions. Her entry will be sent to the Daily Planet by the end of the week and will hopefully be published before our winter break. We are also going to to include some quotes from students about how amazing Martina is, so if you have the opportunity to pass any of those along to Colin, that would help the process move along quickly.

Congratulations again to Martina!

A huge thank you goes out to all of you that sent Colin nominations for the TEA Employee of the Month Program. Please keep in mind that this program would not be off to such a great start without your valuable input and that any employee in the school district can nominate any other employee. So, please consider taking a few minutes to nominate a colleague for the next drawing.

Thank you,
TEA Executive Team