Master Agreement

Good Afternoon Colleagues,

Now that our year is in full swing and things are settling into a steady flow of learning in your classes, TEA would like to take a moment to encourage and remind everyone to read the Master Agreement and become familiar with its provisions.  It includes procedures that govern obvious parts of your employment, as well as, activities you might not consider, like use of school facilities, required prior approval for use of personal days around scheduled vacations, sick bank, and more. You can access the MA by going to the TSD webpage, choosing the “TSD Links” drop down menu, and selecting “TSD Master Agreement;” or simply clicking this link: TSD Master Agreement

Because we update language each year in negotiations, even if you are a long time TSD employee we encourage you to brush up on your MA knowledge. Some things we would especially like to highlight for all staff members:
Please be aware of procedures around health leave, understand the accrual of health leave days, and be aware of the emergency availability of sick bank days; only available to those who have made a one time donation of 2 days to the sick bank. If you have not previously donated to the sick bank and would like to, September is your opportunity, please email Nancy DeCastro.
Please be aware of the accrual and usage of your personal days including approval of personal day usage which is: at least 2 days for normal leave, at least 2 weeks for leave before or after a vacation. According to the MA, leave before or after a school holiday is “strongly discouraged” and “Approval will be granted by the Administrative Team only under extraordinary circumstances.”
We cannot state enough the importance of being familiar with this document for all of your employment needs. Please take the time to read through it, understand it, and ask a member of your TEA Leadership Team or the Administrative Leadership Team if you have questions. Thanks all, we work so hard to have this working document that supports all staff and we are so fortunate to have it!

-Your TEA Exec Board

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