School Board Debate

Good morning TSD family,

The Telluride Education Association is joining with Telluride T.V. And the Michael D. Palm Theater to host a Board of Education Candidate Debate next Monday, October 19th from 6-8 in the Palm Theater.

We need your help to:
debate1. Spread the word, there is a flyer attached with all the info, please share it with your contacts.

2. Submit suggestions for debate questions through our Google form:

At a meeting today at 4:00 p.m. TEA representatives will submit your questions to the moderators Dirk de Pagter and Rosie Cusak, who will have the final word on question inclusion. This opportunity is time sensitive, sorry for the short notice, we wish we could have gotten the word out sooner.

Thank you in advance for participating in this special opportunity,

–TEA Executive Board

Board Meeting Notes


Discussion Items

  1. Scott Doser, Palm Artistic Director

After 90 days at the Palm he has three goals:

1. Bring in more programming to the Palm for the community, extending outside of Telluride to the region.

Sharing productions with other regional theaters from Ouray, Montrose, etc.

Advertising in regional towns to bring people to Telluride for shows.

Looking at the timing of bookings to capitalize on number of people in town.

Looking at the cost of putting on a show when considering bookings.

2. Build a strong Palm membership of people who have buy-in to the theater.

3. Find ways to make the Palm more accessible to community groups who could use the theater space.

Teacher use of the Palm is currently being booked by Kathy Jepson. Scott is looking at combining the three current scheduling calendars into one.

There are repairs that need to be taken care of. District would like to fix things now rather than wait and have the cost increase as time goes by.

  1. TTA Update-Tava
  • Started in July with summer tech re-boot camp. Many teachers took courses. These workshops have continued through Technology Tuesdays with James, Chery, and Christopher, giving teachers information they can use in the classroom immediately.
  • Governance board is meeting and talking about how to use My Learning Plan. Teachers can currently describe trainings and request credit through this web-site. The committee is looking at rigor of conferences and workshops and looking for classroom application when deciding if credit will be given. Credit will be given for trainings that truly help the teacher be a better teacher. Teachers can individualize their own PD and suggest course ideas to TTA.
  • Next step is to make a plan for the summer institute. Looking for teacher input. Technology, dual immersion, math, literacy, and science curriculum at the elementary school are topics currently being considered.
  • Kyle: My Learning Plan is in place and he is already approving credits. He is looking forward to using the feedback piece to guide further trainings as well as track the types of PD teachers are taking.
  • Kyle: Trainings we have here are always offered to other districts.
  • Kyle: Trainings that teachers take will always be a combination of workshops given by TSD faculty, workshops given at TSD by outside instructors, university courses, and regional and national conferences.
  1. Budget Adjustment
  • Received a grant for the READ Act for TES (K-3). One time thing.
  • $3000 small library grant district wide, geared toward K-6.
  • ESL adult ed. local grant from Telluride Foundation. Paying a director and contractors to provide English language classes to adults. TSD currently taking some money out of cultural liason services budget and putting it toward the adult ed program. The hope is that Telluride Foundation will pay this in full next year.
  • Quarterly budget report in Board packet.
  1. $5000 grant from Telluride Foundation for fall 2013 Entrepreneurship Class.
  1. Policies/Discussion
  • Review of conduct code—some changes made.
  • Clarification by Cheryl–Phones in class can be a device used for educational purposes. The ban should be on inappropriate use of a cell phone in the classroom.
  • Should the superintendent or the Board be the hearing officer for expulsion? Usually the superintendent is the hearing officer and the Board becomes the appeal party. Consensus to have the superintendent be the hearing officer so the Board can become the appeal party.


Student council report: Amber Metz, junior rep

Current projects:

  • Winter formal this Saturday at the Elks from 7:30-11:45. Doing a lot to ensure it is a safe and fun environment. Made an informative video to show to the high school students.
  • Water fountains have been replaced using money raised by student council.
  • Blood drive on Thursday through Interact.

Global Fluency Committee Presentation:

  • The committee presented their video to the Board. Kyle thanked the committee for their passion and work. How can we meet the needs of our English speaking and Latino students and create a program that benefits all?
  • School board created a district goal for all students to have the opportunity to be globally fluent by the time they leave high school.
  • Dual language program currently active in TECC preschool. Would like to begin with kindergarten in fall of 2014 and expand one grade each year.
  • Next year, kindergarten would have two English-only classes with students receiving Spanish instruction through a 4x/week World Language class as a special. Two dual immersion classes would be taught by a bi-literal/bi-cultural Spanish teacher and a native English-speaking teacher with language acquisition background. These teachers would teach both sections of the dual immersion classes for a half day, so students would receive their core instruction in Spanish for half the day and English for half the day.
  • Once students get into grades 6-8, students would be grouped for Spanish instruction by ability for literacy instruction only, in addition to a possible Heritage class for native Spanish speakers. The high school program class options will most likely need to change as students with more Spanish ability move up through the grades.

Kyle: Many school visits in Colorado and Utah have been done and much research has been looked at. Unsuccessful programs usually do not have the long term planning and commitment needed. The cost of the program is in the hiring of a person to teach the World Language classes for the non-immersion students, and PD. There will also be a cost ($7000 is a high estimate) for materials for new immersion classrooms. With the passage of 3A, we can use this money for the professional development.

The committee hopes to have a brochure available by the middle of February with meeting dates and a timeline.


Mike: TMHS report:

The Moab 8th-11th grade trip was developed 8 years ago in response to hazing—wanting to build relationships between students of different ages and teachers. As hazing is no longer an issue, the focus of the trip is changing. The goal now is to maximize benefits of the trip by implementing leadership opportunities and focus on collaboration skills.

The cross district math committee will present before June a recommendation for a curriculum adoption. Looking at about 8 curriculums.

Kyle: TSD report

Thanks to We-R1 and Pinhead for Stargazers series which was very well attended.

Friday night there is a basketball game against Norwood and it is also Rotary night so Rotary participants will be recognized.

Board retreat:

Telluride 2027: What will it look like for next year’s kinder class when they graduate? How will we change to respond to the needs of our incoming students? The administration and board are beginning to brainstorm ideas. Kyle will be holding three optional sessions with teachers for them to contribute their ideas as well. Then suggestions will be taken from the community. Administration wants to be forward looking.

Mon Feb 10: Work session

Tues Feb 11: Board mtg.


~Thanks to Michelle for taking notes.